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2019 In-Service Training                         


Nation Academy for Education Research (NAER), Taichung Branch

No.67, Shifan St., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City 420, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



January 16th ~18th , 2019



   For the three-day in-service training, FETs are invited to share their teaching activities and teaching experiences. Each teacher will have 20 minutes, including 5 mins for playing teaching videos, 10 mins for presentation and last 5 mins for Q&A. If the presentation is accompanied by a powerpoint, that would be wonderful. Please submit your presentation materials by Jan 5, 2019 to (Please save the files as “date+presenter’s name” ie, “20190116Annie.ppt” or “20190116Annie.wmv”)

    We don’t strictly regulate the content and form of your presentation. However, we would like to see the following:

  1. Interesting and practical teaching activities. (You may demonstrate by video clip)
  2. Co-teaching experience, either before-class or after-class . (You may demonstrate by video clip)
  3. Difficulties encountered when teaching in Taiwan.


  1. One of your co-teacher should come and present with you. Even if you teach independently at school, please come with a domestic English teacher who usually discusses lesson plans with you.
  1. We will meet at Fengyuan train station. A shuttle bus will pick up and take us to NAER. Your school should take care of the ticket(from your school to Fengyuan train station)
  1. We will depart at 16:00 on Jan 18th together. A shuttle bus will send us to Fengyuan train station. Because not every FET will go back to school directly, please discuss with your school about the reimbursement of the return ticket.
  1. We will stay in the dorm in NAER. Please prepare your own cup and personal toiletry.

2019 In-service

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