Current FETs

  • Taiwan Ministry of Education will facilitate an orientation in the middle of August upon teachers’ arrival in Taiwan.
  •  Information of the orientation will be distributed to teachers before their departures to Taiwan.
  • The agenda of the orientation may include:
  1. Introduction of life in Taiwan
  2. Suggestions to foreign teachers
  3. Hot topics for foreign teachers (e.g. tax, housing, cell phone, driver’s license,etc.)
  4. Short lesson of survival Chinese
  5. Suggestions of teaching English in Taiwan (e.g. lesson plan, classroom management, etc.),
  6. Excursion to cultural sites
  7. Signing of Employment Contract

2019 Orientation Day 1

2019 Orientation Day 2

2019 Orientation Day 3

2019 Orientation Day 4

2019 Orientation Day 5

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