Why FET?


-Introduction to the Program

  In an effort to enhance the English learning environment for school-aged children in rural areas, the Taiwan Ministry of Education has been actively recruiting qualified teachers to teach in K-9 public schools in Taiwan. This program has two goals. One is to broaden English immersion experiences of Taiwan’s young minds. The other is to establish inter-school relationship between English speaking countries and Taiwan.

-Introduction to Taiwan

Taiwan, with surrounding islands, is often called Formosa which means “beautiful island.” Although Taiwan is a small island, it is rich in beautiful natural landscapes, various cultural resources, historic heritage, and fantastic local delicacies. If you are seeking for a place full of peace and joy, look no further than Taiwan.

Applicants with both college degree and a teacher license are eligible to apply. Benefits for teachers include a subsidy for round-trip airfare, housing support, overtime pay, insurance, and monthly salary based on their educational background and teaching experience. We hope that not only can we provide the best training and support to foreign teachers in Taiwan, but also the teachers can cultivate our next generation.

The Ministry of Education  in Taiwan is promoting this program in the hope that:

Participating teachers

Participating teachers will grow professionally as a result of the exchange of instructional practices and strategies.

First-hand knowledge

Students in Taiwan will gain first-hand knowledge, appreciation, and understanding of the English language


All participating countries will benefit from this collaborative relationship, which will enhance international awareness and understanding

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