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Want to start your teaching career and traveling life at the same time? Here’s your choice! The Ministry of Education in the Republic of China (Taiwan) is now offering you an opportunity to teach in public schools (k-9) ! All position provide excellent salary, round trip tickets and health care!

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Why should I join the FET project?

Supporting Measures

We offer two professional trainings. With these 2 workshops, you will learn what to do in teaching Taiwanese kids!

Financial Support

Taiwanese government offers support for accomdation, round-trip airfare and also excellent salary


All participating countries will benefit from this collaborative relationship, which will enhance international awareness and understanding


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Education Administration, Ministry of Education
Division of Junior High, Elementary School and Preschool Education

Section of Curriculum and Teaching
Lilian Huang Project Manager

MOE Foreign English Teacher Project
Alicia Huang Project Assistant
Address: 1F., No.1, Yunhe St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)10646
TEL: 886-2-7734-1808