Teaching Related Matters

What is the class size and how long does each lesson last?

Class size may vary, depending on the location of the school. Foreign teachers may be dealing with from 20 to 45 students in a class. Class duration is 40 minutes for elementary schools and 45~50 minutes for junior high schools.

What aspects should the foreign teacher emphasize in terms of teaching?

As far as foreign teachers are concerned, teaching materials and activities should be relevant to the daily lives of the students and the following principles should be taken into consideration:

  1. Foreign teachers should give priority to the practicability in daily life when designing teaching plans and adopting activities such as listening and speaking drills, role playing, and learning by singing.
  2. For the purpose of stimulating students’ learning motives, foreign teachers should utilize teaching methods which are helpful to create a vigorous, reflective, and amusing learning environment.
How should foreign teachers design the curriculum, arrange teaching activities and materials, and present them in a consistent and integrated manner?
  1. Preparatory work for teaching should be based on the English teaching materials selected and developed by the school. Foreign teachers should cooperate closely with the Chinese teachers, and implement activities in coordination with the school-based curriculum and relevant activities.
  2. Foreign teachers’ teaching plans and materials should be discussed fully with partner teachers and approved by the curriculum panel of that learning area one week prior to implementation.
Do different cultural backgrounds result in foreign teachers being less capable of understanding and evaluating students’ learning abilities?

Teaching is a challenging job that deserves setting one’s heart and mind to. As long as a teacher has useful skills and strategies for teaching, and makes thorough preparation for the curriculum in advance, he/she can effectively guide students to engage in learning during teaching interaction and build a solid foundation for students’ learning accomplishments. Moreover, while interacting with students during the teaching-learning process, foreign teachers will certainly learn more about them in terms of their abilities, difficulties, and mental and physical situations, thereby becoming more capable of teaching effectively and bring out better learning results from students.

How should foreign teachers design and formulate plans for teaching and activities so as to fulfill the demands of the school-based development?

To achieve such goals, foreign teachers should attend relevant meetings, events and activities concerning the school curriculum to learn about students’ prior experiences, parental expectations, school history and vision, and features of the school community in the hope of developing teaching plans which may meet the demands from all sectors.

Should foreign teachers make teaching aids, compile teaching materials, and produce learning sheets by themselves?

Yes. Foreign teachers are required to prepare their lessons. Such preparatory work includes compiling lesson plans, making teaching aids, correcting and commenting on students’ assignments, arranging assessments, etc. Therefore, foreign teachers are expected to possess such capabilities. In addition, relevant courses are provided in some areas in the hope of enhancing the above-mentioned abilities.

What is the measure for grading students’ English learning performance?

Considering that English curriculum is implemented under the principle of domestic teachers being chief instructors and foreign teachers being supplementary instructors, students’ English grades are calculated based on the evaluation results given by domestic teachers as well as the results of comprehensive assessments imposed by foreign teachers. In terms of calculating students’ grades, the proportions of how different evaluation results are accounted for should be discussed and set by both domestic and foreign teachers. However, the actual situations may differ a little in different schools.

Should foreign teachers take part in school events and activities?

Yes. As soon as foreign teachers are designated to a school, they are regarded as a member of the school community. Therefore, they should actively participate in all relevant activities and take responsibility for relevant jobs as well as providing necessary assistance in accordance with school administration arrangements. Such demands have been specified in the terms and conditions of the employment contracts that foreign teachers are required to sign.

Should foreign teachers report for work during winter and summer vacations? Should they be paid during such periods?

Yes. Foreign teachers are required to be on duty during winter and summer vacations to conduct activities and relevant affairs such as winter or summer camps, training courses, summer seminars or workshops, etc. They should get paid during such periods.

What should the local governments and schools do to assist foreign teachers in becoming well acquainted with their working conditions?

Before foreign teachers undertake practical teaching, they should be provided with manuals or handbooks or information related to teaching conditions, including an introduction to the schools’ culture and environment, educational resources accessible for their teaching, demands from school administrative staff, and the specified statements on the duties and work required of foreign teachers.

What are the start date, number of classes, and co-teacher?

It depends on schools. Since different school has different policy, you may ask your school for details.

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