Professional Development and Training

Are there any intensive training programs for foreign teachers?

Yes. According to the MOE program, a 10-day intensive training program is offered for foreign teachers upon their arrival in Taiwan. Teachers concerned with foreign teachers should also participate in such training programs in order to assist foreign teachers to understand the current situation in Taiwan vis-à-vis education, politics, the economy and culture, etc.. The National Academy for Educational Research Preparatory Office is responsible for the training program and relevant affairs. This location will also be the main location for training programs.

After assignment to local governments or schools, do foreign teachers have access to regular training courses or activities?

Yes. Local governments/schools should offer a series of training activities for foreign teachers. For example, gather domestic and foreign teachers serving at the same schools to participate in orientation training for the purpose of obtaining mutual understanding about the features of each other’s work and agreement about models of cooperation. During the semester, local governments or schools should also arrange training activities such as practice teaching, classroom visits, and sequential meetings for reflection and discussion, in order to learn about the working performance and life adaptation of foreign teachers as well as to provide support for their personal and professional development.

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