Necessary Certificates and Procedures

What kind of certificates or procedures should be carried out and provided before foreign teachers come to Taiwan?

Within 1.5 months of the MOE receiving foreign teachers’ photocopies of passports, diplomas, teacher certificates or teacher qualifications and relevant documents, the ministry should help the county/city governments and schools to apply to the Ministry of Education, Executive Yuan for employment permits (work permits) for foreign teachers so the foreign teachers could work legally in Taiwan. The application fee of permits shall be borne by the schools in which teachers are employed.


After the permits are received, the overseas branches of the MOE and the recruiting agencies/units should help foreign teachers to get their Resident Visas from Taiwan’s overseas consular offices. Dependents coming along with foreign teachers should also apply for their Resident Visas. Any required marriage certificates, relationship certificates and fees should be provided by teachers and their dependents. Only when there is a real need can foreign teachers apply to Taiwan’s overseas consular offices for Visitor Visas with the reason for “business” to enter Taiwan. Foreign teachers can NOT come to Taiwan with Visa-Exempt Entry or Landing Visas.


In accordance with the employment contracts, foreign teachers should take physical examinations and get valid police/criminal record checks. These fees should be borne by the teachers.


Foreign teachers should bring a deposit or check which value is equal to New Taiwan Dollar 20,000~30,000 for teachers to settle down in the first month after arriving in.

What kind of documentation or procedures should be provided/followed when foreign teachers arrive in Taiwan?

As soon as foreign teachers arrive in Taiwan, the schools should help them to apply for Alien Resident Certificates (ARC, like Taiwanese Identification Card. Please note, it is usual to apply for the Reentry option at the same time, as it is also on the same application form) from the Foreign Affairs Divisions (Sections) of the main police station of the county/city in which the school is located, in order for foreign teachers to apply for Labor Insurance, open an account at a bank or post office and related affairs.


After it has been made sure that foreign teachers will come to Taiwan, the county/city government shall give foreign teachers’ personnel expenses, including salaries, the reimbursement of Labor Insurance and Health Insurance, the rental reimbursement, and so on, to the schools immediately, in order for the schools to give them to teachers on time.

What kind of documentation or procedures should be undertaken when foreign teachers want to renew their contracts?

According to the employment contract, if the schools and foreign teachers intend to renew this contract for the following school year, a renewal may be consummated with the mutual consent of the parties in accordance with the terms and conditions of this initial contract. Schools should apply to the Ministry of Education, Executive Yuan, for extending Party B’s employment permit (work permit) within sixty (60) days prior to expiry of the initial period of employment, in accordance with the laws. After completing extension of the employment permit (work permit), application for extension of the ARC should also be made to the Foreign Affairs Division (Sections) of the county/city’s main police station.


If foreign teachers intend to continue the project but intend to go to schools in another county/city, they should fill in the pledge form in Appendix D of the contract two (2) months prior to expiration of the term of employment and submit it to the schools. The schools and the county/city governments should submit this along with their recommendation/opinion on the renewal of foreign teachers’ employment to the Ministry of Education for reference and for necessary assistance or procedures.

What should foreign teachers pay attention to prior to leaving Taiwan?

Foreign teachers should leave Taiwan before/on the last date of the validity period of their ARC. Generally speaking, the ARC validity period will be the same as the one on the employment permit (work permit). Foreign teachers can make use of their annual leave, personal leave, arrangements of classes and so on in order to leave Taiwan within the legal period.


Should foreign teachers fail to submit relevant documentation (valid employment permit/work permit), in order to apply for ARC extension or for a new ARC from the Foreign Affairs Division (Sections) of the relevant county/city main police station 15 days before the ARC expiry date, they will be considered as overstaying. Overstaying aliens will be subject to fines (amount depends on the number of days overstayed), automatic cancellation of their ARC, mandatory deportation and even limitations to re-entry.

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