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Can foreign teachers engage in any part-time jobs at cram schools or serve as private tutors?

According to both parties’ employment contracts, any part-time jobs of Party B (foreign teachers) without consent from Party A (the school) will be considered as a violation of the contract. Foreign teachers who violate such rules should pay the violation fee as well as the legal penalty and are requested to leave Taiwan immediately. Therefore, in principle, foreign teachers can NOT engage in any part-time jobs at cram schools or serve as private tutors.

How about the attendance records and the performance assessments of foreign teachers?
  1. Hours of duty: eight hours a day, five days a week. The duty control for foreign teachers is subject to the administrative measures of the schools as well as the articles in the employment contract.
  2. Performance assessment:

(1)   With the consent of the foreign teachers, the school administration may assign domestic English teachers or members of the advisory panel for English teaching to their classes, to make observations on their teaching, and provide suggestions and guidance.

(2)   In principle, the period of employment issued to foreign teachers will remain valid for one year, but in reality, it is usually 11 months. The school administration should conduct a conclusive assessment of the foreign teachers’ performance by the end of the period of employment.

What is the formal procedure for foreign teachers to apply for leave?

For details about foreign teachers’ sick leave, leave for personal reasons, and paid annual leave, please refer to the employment contract. Every school for which a foreign teacher works should assign a responsible member of administrative personnel to deal with affairs concerning applications for leave and duty control.

Are there substitute teachers for foreign teachers when annual leave is taken?

Usually, each foreign teacher is paired with a domestic teacher for giving lessons to a class. If the foreign teacher has rearranged his/her classes to suitable time when he/she is on annual leave, personal leave or sick leave, there should be no problems about substitution. But if he/she does not want to or cannot rearrange the classes, he/she needs to pay to the school the substitution fees that the domestic teachers are also governed, and the classes will be conducted by domestic teachers alone. In addition, foreign teachers should be subject to a salary reduction on a daily basis for his/her personal or sick leave. Please refer to employment contracts for details.

Will foreign teachers’ salary be deducted for sick leave or personal leave?

According to the employment contract, foreign teachers shall be entitled, within an academic year, to take personal leave for an aggregate period of no more than five (5) days, sick leave for an aggregate period of no more than fourteen (14) days and shall be subject to a salary reduction on a daily basis for each day beyond the fifth day of allowable personal leave, or the fourteenth day of allowable sick leave.

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