Eligibility Criteria

If foreign teachers do not have any Chinese/Mandarin language ability, would that be a disadvantage?

If foreign teachers have basic Chinese abilities, they can integrate in the educational and cultural context of Taiwan more easily. However, language capability in Chinese is NOT among the criteria for selecting foreign teachers. Foreign teachers designated to schools should take relevant training courses arranged by the educational authorities or the school administration. In addition, each school is requested to assign domestic teachers to assist foreign teachers.

Some foreign teachers may have participated in the program before. Can they apply again?

Returning teachers are welcome to apply again.

Some foreign teachers may have lived in Taiwan before. Can they apply?

As long as the teacher is a citizen of the United States or Canada, and can submit all the required documents, he/she is welcome to apply.

Would a criminal record disqualify the teacher?

A criminal record would not necessarily disqualify the teacher. However, the seriousness of the crime will be taken into account and a final decision will be made by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Taiwan regarding whether or not to offer the teacher a position in the program.

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