Daily Life in Taiwan

How much should I bring to Taiwan?

Foreign teachers should bring a deposit or check which value is equal to NTD20,000 ~ 30,000 for teachers’ personnel expenses to settle down and in the first month after arriving in.

What do the local government agency/school staff do to help foreign teachers get used to life here in Taiwan?

In order to help foreign teachers get accustomed to life in Taiwan and reduce the possible outflow of recruited teachers, local government agencies and schools should offer assistance and information as follows:

  1. Schools should provide orientation for living in the local community, such as information on eating, clothing, housing, transportation, supermarkets, shopping malls, laundry, places for entertainments, fast food restaurants, internet cafes, cable TV, local snacks and dishes, utilities, etc.
  2. Local government agencies/schools should provide handbooks containing useful and simple Chinese expressions for daily conversations and introductions of culture, customs, traditions, and taboos in Taiwan.
  3. Monthly salary slips given to foreign teachers by schools should contain detailed notes for each deduction and payment, such as tax deduction, rent for housing, utility fees, etc.
  4. If foreign teachers don’t have their own computers, schools should provide adequate computing equipment with English editions of commonly used applications and internet facilities reserved for foreign teachers. Foreign teachers should be supervised with regards to any fees payable under school regulations.
  5. Local government agencies/schools should provide information on health care facilities most readily accessible with English services within the schools’ vicinity so as to enable foreign teachers to get medication/treatment as soon as possible.

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