Contract Renewal

Start date, number of classes, and co-teacher?

It depends on schools. Since different school has different policy, you may ask your school for details.

How would my return transportation to Taiwan be arranged? Would I make my own arrangements and the MOE reimburses me after I arrive?

You have to buy the ticket by yourself then send the ticket stub or boarding pass and air-ticket purchase receipt to your school in two months after you arrive in Taiwan. You may refer to the contract Article3.9

Can my physical and other paperwork be completed before I leave at the end of this semester?

Yes, you can complete the files in Taiwan. You may ask your school for help.

When would I sign my new contract?

Basically, if you want to stay in the same school, your school should help you extend your work permit before the date of expiration of the employment term. If you want to teach in another school, you have to fill in the pledge form (MOE will make the survey) 3 months before the expiration date. I’m not sure the specific date for the term of employment so far.

Do you know when they should start renewal process? If I will stay the same school next year, can I teach for another school in another city after next year?

The renewal process is around three months (that is April) before the expiration date of the term of employment. If you want to teach for another school in another city after next year, you will have to fill in the pledge form in Appendix D of the contract. The time is also around three months before the expiration date of the term of employment. You may refer to Article 19.2 in the contract for the details.

At the in service, it was asked if it was possible to stay on a tourist visa after our ARC expires (which means when our ARC is expired and we want to stay in Taiwan, could we apply tourist visa to stay here? ). How I would do that (exs need to leave and come back, apply process, so on)? would I have to leave the country for a day or two in between my ARC expiring and the tourist visa?

Basically, FETs should leave Taiwan before the ARC expires. You can visit Taiwan for  30 days with visa-exempt entry. Or if you only need less than 15 weeks stay in Taiwan, you can apply the date extension in National Immigration Agency.

Is there a standard contract for my second year teaching for the MOE. Would I have the same assistance toward renting an apartment or dormitory?

The contract of the second year teaching is the almost the same with the first school year. According to the Contract 4.4, the school also need to provide a rent allowance. You may refer to the contract Article4.4.

All first year FETs started working August 8 or 9 and have an 11 month contract. Since I may not be attending the orientation in August and school does not start until late August or early September, when would my second year contract start and end? I know you don't have specific dates yet, but is there a general idea of when second or third year teachers would start? Would it also be for 11months?

The second year start and end date is based on the contract between you and the school. It usually starts from July to then next June. (example 2012 July 7 to 2013 June 6). The contract will also for 11 months.

The MOE arranged and paid my travel to Taiwan for my first year of teaching. If I return to Taiwan for a second year of teaching with the MOE, do I arrange and pay for my airfare back to Taiwan?

Yes, based on the contract the Moe also arrange and pay for the airfare for the second year. You may refer to the contract Article 4.3.

My school would like an answer next week. It sounds like the pledge form and survey will not be available until sometime in March or April. How much time do I really have before I need to make my decision?

Generally, the pledge form to continue the FETs project will be investigated in March. You need to make a decision before April. 

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