Allocation and Orientation

What are the principles and methods for foreign teacher allocation to counties/cities?

The allocation of foreign teachers is based upon the ratio of relief teachers to regular teachers for each city and county. Cities/counties with higher ratios are at an advantage in terms of the distribution of foreign teachers. The intentions of schools and foreign teachers are also taken into consideration to a certain extent.

How would married/engaged/companion couples be arranged in the selection process?

We will do our best to place them near each other. However, we cannot guarantee placement together.

Why is placement and working condition information not given to participants when they receive their offer of a position on the program?

Placements are NOT decided until after candidates have been chosen and agree to accept a position with the program.

Are there any airport pick-up services offered for foreign teachers upon arrival in Taiwan?

For foreign teachers who are able to arrive in Taiwan within the appointed time periods, the Ministry of Education offers a pick-up and transfer service to the National Academy for Educational Research located in Sansia Township, Taipei County, which is also the site for orientation training. People who are assigned for pick-up service will await foreign teachers in the arrival hall of CKS international airport at the appointed time.

For those unable to arrive within the appointed time periods, please use own/public transportation means available to the National Academy for Educational Research, Sanxia Township, Taipei County, in order to participate in the orientation.

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